Do you want to enjoy the sea 365 days a year?

The ARS Club is a space for everyone who wants to enjoy Surfing, Paddle Surfing and / or other sporting activities throughout the year.

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Once thesummer, where the sea is completely flat and the thermal winds enter that do not allow us to practice surfing regularly, the most awaited period arrives, autumn. During the months of October, November, December we enjoy the sea a lot, as the water temperature is still warm and the weather changes cause small easterly winds and constant northerly winds that bring us waves more often. Similarly, in thewinter we also take advantage of what the sea gives us up to the spring, when the outputs of paddle Surfing is one of the privileges.

Use of space

Throughout the year you can make use of the facilities of the Club (showers, bowl, training area, ward and work area). And during the summer, you can use ours Beach House, on the beach of Estartit, as well as the surf zone marked.

Use of the material

1h free daily during the summer season (non-cumulative) during school opening hours. In the case of the low season - winter, autumn and spring - it will also be limited to opening hours.


Discounts on courses (50%), material (10%) i others services (monthly fees, travel and events). Free material tutoring all year round, except high season. Families will also enjoy a 10% discount on all school, home and extracurricular activities.

* High season: July and August

* Medium season: May, June, September and October

* Low season: November, December, January, February, March and April

Join us

There are many reasons why we encourage you to take the step and obtain your personalized card from the Catalan Surfing Union:

Accident insurance required by RD 849/1993 of 4 June with coverage in Spain and abroad.

Liability insurance for accidents or accidents in the water, ONLY VALID IN SPAIN, with a Deductible of 300 € / Claim).

Discounts: 5% in our store with the purchase of material and 10% in the activities we offer. Also other discounts throughout the network of establishments and shops affiliated to the FSURFCAT and

+34 660 895 260

From the school we make it easy for you to process your license and manage it for only 50 (over 18), 45€ (14 to 18 years) i 35€ (less than 14 years). If you want to obtain your federation license, just fill out the application form by clicking HERE.

+34 660 895 260

Club members will have a € 35 senior license.

Quotes fixes

Federal License (if not available)
Annual membership fee -free registration-

Monthly fees

High season
Medium season
Low season

Additional services

Maintenance of the quota
Boarding surfboard high season -1 month-
Paddle Surf high season ward -1 month-


Terms and conditions

1 - Federal License

+34 660 895 260

It is aware of the Federal License annually, except for those members who only use the space. This will be charged at the beginning of January, so that members can enjoy the calendar year. In the case of becoming a member in the middle of the month, and is not federated, the fee will be charged together with the registration fee.

2 - Material reserve

+34 660 895 260

The material priority they have it surf lessons. Therefore, whenever there are courses, it will be necessary to book the material one day in advance (via the booking form). In the event that material is available, it can be used without reservation.

+34 660 895 260

3 - Collection

+34 660 895 260

The collection of fees will be carried out first 5 working days of each month, through Bank Transfer. In case of return of receipt, a increase equivalent to the costs incurred, and in the case of a second return, it is automatically will lose membership.

+34 660 895 260

4 - Unsubscribe

+34 660 895 260

To unsubscribe, send an email to 15 days before the end of the month. You can state the reasons for the cancellation in the e-mail.

+34 660 895 260

You also need to send an email in case you want to do so a maintenance of the quota, during a minimum of two months. Remember that maintenance is only applicable to the monthly fee and is a downtime to avoid paying tuition again.

+34 660 895 260

5 - Schedule

+34 660 895 260

The opening hours of the facilities will be subject to the organization of the school. The schedule will vary depending on the season (high, low, medium). You can request more information about schedule updates.

+34 660 895 260

6 - Permanence

+34 660 895 260

During the low season (November - December - January - February - March - April) i medium (May - June - September - October) the minimum will be two months. Except for the high season.

Sign up

Click to become a member of the ARS Club HERE and fill out the form.

You must also sign the document “Terms and conditions ” and upload it in PDF format to the registration form. You can download it by clicking HERE.



The Club is located at Carrer Salines nº16, in Estartit. The place has a perfect location for surfing and surfing.skate.

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