Surf extracurriculars are aimed at anyone who wants to improve their surfing skills. From 8 to 17 years old everyone is welcome.


In children who already have a base and have ever started surfing, we look for the technicalization of the first movements, the improvement and development of the technique.


Living in changing and erratic conditions in waves such as the Mediterranean, we must learn to adapt. We will learn the basic techniques of surfing through surfskate. We will learn to move around the water with paddle surfing.


We want to convey our motivation and our love for this sport. Not only will we go to the water but we will work all over the world surrounding surfing, from theoretical sessions, skateboarding classes, etc.


Calm, serenity, respect, camaraderie, collective motivation, self-improvement and many other values ​​that are inevitably learned when we surf, one of the healthiest values ​​to be found.



over the whole school year: from October to June every Tuesday and Saturday.

+34 660 895 260

Saturdays: of the 11.00h in the 12.30h (From 8 to 17 years old).

On Tuesdays: of 16h in the 17.30h (From 12 to 17 years old)



Session price - 25€

Federal license - 30€ It will be charged once a year. It will be renewed in January.

(if you already have the license, you don't have to do it) it will be processed every calendar year.

Monthly subscription price 1 day a week– 45€

If you do another activity another day with us this activity will have a monthly cost of - 40€

+34 660 895 260

(here includes insurance, instructor and necessary equipment).

If you register once the sessions have started, they will not be able to recover. If the school decides by force majeure that the session cannot be held, it will be postponed to the next day. Depending on the months, in case the 4 sessions cannot be held, an extra day will be proposed during the week.

+34 660 895 260

If someone is unable to attend one of the sessions it cannot be recovered.


Documents to be delivered

You must attach to the form the responsible statement in relation to COVID-19.

+34 660 895 260




The space we have is located just 100m from Estartit Beach. In an unbeatable environment for surfing and surfing paddle surf.

Space: ARS