What is surfing for us

Even if it feeds on that, the surfboard it’s not just something that happens at waves, not even at sea. Surfing is understanding the nature, know how to wait for her, understand her constant movement and of course, learn to enjoy it. One sport that goes beyond the sport, especially when we look for it in a place where there are apparently no waves, and where in all probability when we get up we will see anything but water the sea.

Our principle is based on experimentation with the the sea, we want people to learn from the sea, get to know it and so enjoy it by gliding over it.

One project, many people

We form a compact team, everyone think and creates, joy and the professionalism they are the engine of a gear created to help others. Passionate of sport and ours work we learn to enjoy the lifetime as it is, we strive every day to face new ones challenges and to achieve the goals we have set ourselves. Some challenges that come for the needs of an environment that cries out to be renewed.


Tito Servitja

Founder of the School

Salvi Roura

Manager i instructor surf i skate

Gerard Giménez

Instructor de surf i skate

Paula Young

Surf and Swimming Instructor

Noureddin Azza

Skate instructor

Raquel Elizalde

Pilates instructor

The facilities

The facilities they are designed to be able to enjoy different activities at the same time, showers, skateboard area, gym, classroom, shop… We also have a unbeatable environment for surfing, paddle surfboard and skate, just 100m from the Estartit Beach. During the summer we have a house in it Estartit Beach. There we have all the necessary material to do any of our activities.

Where will you find us all year round?

365 days a year we are in theEstartit, specifically behind La Pineda; between the Port and Els Griells. This one location has the ideal atmosphere for the playing sports all year round. One environment unmatched offering a wide variety of options for anyone looking to practice water sports and terrestrial, while you want to interact with the the sea and the nature.

Beach House on Estartit Beach

During the months ofsummer of the June 15th al September 15 you will also find us at the Estartit Beach. Located inside the Parc Natural, this beach is one of the most extensive and unspoilt in theEmpordà and, in addition, you are allowed to bring your pet there. That’s where we have ours Beach House with a surf zone reserved for us, where this sport can be practiced with total guarantee.

You will find the school open every day 8h and 21h.

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